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Unfair dismissal

Where an employee is dismissed on grounds that are unfair, the employee is entitled to compensation.

We can provide advice on any potential claim where the employee has worked for the employer for at least 2 years, when employment rights have accrued. It is vital to get immediate legal advice as the time you have to bring a claim is limited to three months from the dismissal.


Britain’s multitude of equality and discrimination law protects employees against workplace prejudice, whether that be age, sex, race, disability, religious belief or sexual orientation.

If discrimination does occur in a workplace, it is not only immoral but also unlawful and the victim could be entitled to make a claim. Damages are unlimited!

There are 6 protected characteristics:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Race
  • Religious belief
  • Disability
  • Sexual orientation

If you believe you have been a victim of discrimination call us for expert advice.
It is vital to get immediate advice as these claims must be brought within three months of the event.

Settlement agreements

Where an employer and employee agree to part ways on terms that are agreed, the employer will generally pay for the employee to take independent legal advice on the settlement agreement they propose.

It is vital for both employee and employer that this advice take place or the contract may be void.

Often the agreement is drafted to protect the employer. We can advise on amendments to protect the departing employee in respect of rights they may be agreeing to waive.


Most employers have a written grievance policy which will detail the process and will also provide for an appeal.

If you find yourself either making a grievance or are the subject of a someone’s grievance then we can provide you with advice about the process.

Grievances arise from a range of reasons and often there misconceptions behind complaints.  Mediation is a cheap, fast and effective way of resolving grievances between employees and between an employee and employer.


We assist employees who are the subject of disciplinary procedures.

It is vital that you document the dates, times and names of those involved and to keep a copy of all relevant documents. Contact us if you find yourself in this situation and need expert advice.


We provide advice to employees who are subject to redundancy, whether voluntary or statutory. We ensure that the consultation process is valid and that the compensation payment is in accordance with the figure you are legally entitled to. Let us help with providing some expert advice.

We can advise employers on the appropriate redundancy consultation process, and the statutory and voluntary redundancy payments that are applicable.

Getting the redundancy process wrong can result in an Employment Tribunal claim or a Court claim. You can avoid both of these by getting practical advice at the outset.

Call us for more details.

Policies and procedures

All good employers will have published employee handbooks, policies and procedures.

These set out the ethos of the business and the way in which it deals with challenges or complaints. As a minimum most employers have the following policies:

  • Grievance and Disciplinary
  • Sickness and Absence
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Property and Equipment
  • I.T. and email
  • If you need advice and assistance drafting or implementing these, we are happy to help.
Employment contracts

Astonishingly some employees still do not have written contracts.

A written contract provides clarity and protection for the employer, as well as potential financial benefits (for example subrogation and mediation clauses).

A good contract at the start of employment may prevent expensive problems in later employment.

We are happy to draft or review contracts for you that work specifically for your business.

Even small partnerships or companies need staff and staff should have a clear written contract of employment to ensure that their role and responsibilities are clearly set out. We can assist you with the drafting of contracts for a fixed fee. Call us to find out more.