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Dispute resolution

Informal Negotiation

Negotiation is an effective tool in avoiding the time consuming and expensive process of going to Court. Many cases are resolved without the need for Court or tribunal proceedings.

Early intervention through expert negotiation delivers a workable solution and allows you to save time and money getting an early resolution. If you have a problem, do not delay in seeking advice. The sooner we are involved the more likely we can assist you to resolve matters swiftly and cost effectively.

We always act in our client’s best interests and if that means avoiding Court, we will use our best endeavors to achieve a negotiated settlement.


At 7 we are passionate about mediation. All of our staff are trained mediators and we can offer a range of skills and fees to suit every dispute.

Mediation is a form of dispute resolution where a skilled neutral encourages the participants to engage in effective communication and problem solving.

The participants may have lawyers present, although this is not always necessary. The mediator cannot, however, provide legal advice in the process.

The main benefits of mediation are the time it takes, the cost and the fact that it is confidential. It also allows relationships to be saved or restored and can provide a win-win solution that is not available through the courts or tribunals.

So, how does it work? if both participants agree to try mediation, firstly, a mediator is agreed, together with a fee, a date and a venue. The fee is paid in advance of the day and is usually, but not always, shared equally by the participants. Then the participants decide what papers to send to the mediator.

These can be sent openly, or as confidential documents for the mediator’s eyes only.

The mediator will read the papers and attend on the mediation day. Anyone may attend the mediation with the consent of the participants; this may be an advisor, or a friend or colleague for moral support.

The mediation will generally last for the 2, 4 or 6 hours agreed, unless the participants agree to overtime.

The mediator will use a range of tools and strategies to aid the participants to reach an agreement that they can both live with.

7 Solicitors are trained and skilled to mediate business, contract, property, civil, commercial, workplace and employment disputes. The only thing we don’t mediate is the financial arrangement between separating couples and co-parenting.

2 hour mediation £500 plus VAT shared equally between the participants
4 hour mediation £1,000 plus VAT shared equally between the participants
6 hour mediation £1,500 plus VAT shared equally between the participants

Litigation – The Last Resort

With civil justice reforms and rising court and tribunal fees, never has Dispute Resolution been so attractive.

Litigation should be the last resort and in many cases, a negotiated outcome allows individuals and organisations to get on with their lives or their businesses.

If mediation fails or is not agreed by those you are in a dispute with, then litigation can be commenced. Whatever the case, we have expert knowledge of the claims processes, and can provide you with practical advice in a range of disputes.