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We offer a range of services to businesses from assisting and advising with start up to litigating claims and partnership disputes.

We know that you in business to offer a service or to sell a product. It is vital right at the outset to think about what might happen if things do go wrong and to put in place a framework for dealing with conflict if it arises.
We can advise you on the documents required to set up a company or a partnership, so that duties, obligations and responsibilities re clear from the start. We can also assist you in drafting employment contracts that protect you and terms and conditions for your customers and suppliers.
If things do go wrong, we can advise and assist you with non payment or late payment, breach of contract, and in bringing or defending any claim the business may have.
We have a team experienced in both claimant and defendant litigation and our aim is to take away the stress so that you can focus on running your business.
Whatever your need, contact us for a no obligation discussion, to see how we can help.