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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


We have a legal obligation to notify subjects of the data that we obtain, hold and use on them and the purpose for which we hold that data. We may only disclose the data held with the subject’s consent. We must keep the data we hold safe and secure and respect the privacy of the subject. Subjects have a right to access the data we hold. Our Data Protection Officer is accountable for any breaches of these principles.


We collect only the data required for the purpose of evidencing a claim or potential claim on behalf of our clients.


We collect certain data when we make a claim for compensation for our clients. The data we collect is from both our clients and third parties. To make a claim, we need to share or disclose data with third parties.

We collect some or all of the following data:

Names, addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, marital status, medical records, wage slips, earnings, ILR and personnel details, identity verification and email addresses of parties and potential involvements in a claim.


In the course of a claim, claims handlers, legal administrative staff and legal cashiers will have access to data, as required in performance of their duties and in the management of the claim.

All of our staff are required to keep confidential the data we hold on our clients and third parties.


Data is stored both in paper format and electronic format. Paper files are kept at our secure office and are destroyed 7 years after completion or discontinuance of a claim. Electronic data is stored on secure servers within the UK. We have systems and procedures in place to keep your data secure once we receive it.


Data is shared or processed when we use the information to submit, progress and manage a claim. Data will not be shared without your consent, unless there is a legal requirement for us to do so. We will not share your information with any organisations for marketing, market research or commercial purposes.

During a claim we may need to share data with some or all of the following third parties, but not limited to these parties:

Police, DVLA, Witnesses, Hospitals, GPs and other medical practitioners, medical experts, DWP, Barristers, HM Courts and Tribunal Service, Coroner, insurers, Land Registry, Bailiff’s and High Court Enforcement Officers, ILR, employers, insurance broker and/or company, accountants, The Motor Insurer’s Bureau, AskCue, Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, Trade Unions, Rehabilitation providers, enquiry agents, hire car companies, engineers, Cost drafters and advocates, medical agencies, compensators (person, entity or organisation) and their insurers, re-insurers and representatives.


You can find out what information we hold on you and ask us for a copy.


By making a claim, our clients consent to the collection and use of their personal information and sensitive data by us, provided it is used as set out in this policy.

From time to time we may seek further consent from you to obtain specific information relevant to progressing your claim.


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